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If the number of hotels in Venice is impressive, the good hotels much more rare... And price frequently has nothing to do with quality; hotels advertised as luxury can just as often be disappointing.

Therefore, our advice concerns the hotels which we could visit ourselves and also on those that we had positive recommendations from of our readers and friends.

As soon as a negative opinion reaches us, we research this opinion and if elements are confirmed, the hotel is immediately withdrawn from our list of hotels.

Finally, you must nevertheless know that a Venetian hotel is in general an old house and that, from a room to the other, you may occasionally have dissatisfaction, particularly regarding the view.

Sometimes your room may give you a view of a wall of a neighboring building, only 50 meters away! Or you may have a romantic and splendid view. And all that in the same hotel.

Other potential elements of disillusionment, including in the said luxury hotels: the bathroom is often reduced to a very narrow shower; even though your room will have a forty-square meter surface and a ceiling height of five-meters. The explanation is simple: For the most part, the Venetian hotels are located in residences and palaces that are often more than four or five centuries old and in that era, bathrooms simply did not exist.

When you do travel during the slower season, the hotels which we recommend as having good customer service will try to give you another room. But when there are no vacancies, they will unfortunately be able to do little for you...

On average the price of hotel rooms in Venice is rather high, it is in effect rather difficult to find something of quality (but they exist nevertheless) under 200 euros per night for a double room. However, the level of benefits, size of the room and furniture, is in generally above what you can find elsewhere.

We wish you a good stay in Venice and if you find the rare pearl, or if one of the addresses which we recommend to you in very good faith proved to be discouraging, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Find your Hotel in : Cannaregio | Castello | Santa Croce | Dorsoduro | Saint-Mark | San Polo | Giudecca Murano Lido