Venezia Unica Card: Special Prices Water Bus in Venice

Water Bus Venezia Unica  Special Prices Card in Venice Italy
Venezia Unica Card
If you intend to come back to us before five years, the Venezia Unica Card can be a good solution.

The Venezia Unica Card costs 50€.

The card is valid for five years.

It is a personal card and once you have bought the card, you can buy water bus tickets at greatly reduced price.

Single Tickets: The reduced price tickets you can buy with the Venezia Unica Card are valid for 75 or 100 minutes, depending on the price. You can use different means of transport within that time. For instance, changing boat or taking a boat and then a bus.

Venezia Unica Single Fare Ticket Price Price per Ticket
when you buy 10 tickets at a time
Single Fare ACTV (valid 75 min.) 1.50 € 1.40 €
Single Fare ACTV (valid 100 min.) 2.00  1.90 

Airport Water bus Alilaguna Venezia Unica Benefit Full Fare Venezia Unica
Return Ticket average price Alilaguna (Venice Airport Water Bus) 27 € 16 €

Where to buy your Venezia Unica Card

You can get immediately your Venezia Unica card in the following ACTV water bus ticket offices:

Tronchetto ACTV Ticket office (open from 7:00 to 19:30 every day, you can join it using the Water Bus line 2),
Piazzale Roma ACTV Ticket office (open from 7:00 to 19:30 every day),
Rialto ACTV Ticket office(At line 1 pier station, from 8:00 to 14:30 every day).
Lido ACTV Ticket office (At Santa Maria Elisabetta pier station, open from 7:00 to 19:30 every day).

You cannot buy your Venezia Unica Card (which has nothing to see with the Venezia Unica Tourist Time Ticket) at the airport or on the Internet. If you arrive at the airport and take the Alilaguna water bus, buy a single fare ticket, you will pay your ticket to get back to the airport at nearly half price with yourVenezia Unica Card.

In the other ticket offices, you will have to wait about three weeks to get your card. However, you will have a temporary card to be able to buy immediately your tickets at a reduced price.

To Get your Venezia Unica Card

You just need an identity card, your picture will be taken by the clerk at the ticket office and he will fill in the form for you.

With the Venezia Unica card, you also have the possibility to buy a month's time ticket with unlimited water bus journeys.

The tickets you buy with your Venezia Unica card are uploaded into its digital chip. They will remain valid until the end of your card validity time. If you have not used your tickets before the end of your Venezia Unica card, they will be transferred to your new card when you renew it.

Using and validating your Venezia Unica Card

You must validate your Venezia Unica Card, approaching it to the interactive terminals at the entry of all water bus piers and road bus stops.

This validation must be done with every trip, otherwise you can be fined a minimum of 50 € per person.

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