Flat Venice Greci View

Flat Greci View

House's courtyard.
House's courtyard
Greci View is a charming, bright, and spacious flat (130 sq. M), with three bedrooms which will accommodate up to five people. It is one of our favourite flats in Venice.

You will enjoy the breath-taking views of San Giorgio Maggiore Island, her famous Campanile as well as the bridges of Pietà dei Greci.

You will also have a unique view of the famous San Giorgio dei Greci’s leaning bell tower and the church’s domed cupola.

This large and bright flat has many comforts to guarantee a wonderful holiday in Venice.

It is especially well decorated and furnished. It is located in a distinctive area in the Castello that remains truly Venetian.

Additionally, there are several quality food shops nearby.

Lastly, a Wi-Fi Internet connexion is available throughout the flat.

The flat is on the fourth floor (no lift, 72 steps) a factor that is more than offset by the unique views of Venice that will enhance your stay.

The Hall and the First Lounge

The Flat's Hall.
The Hall
An expansive L-shaped central hall leads to all the flat’s rooms.

In fact, the hall is a room by itself due to its large area (more than 30 sq. M) and its fine furniture.

A large skylight brings light into the hall, and its floor, as in old Venetian Palaces, is “Terrazzo alla Veneziana” (made with little pieces of coloured marble).

An antique table and padded chairs decorate the main area.

Small lounge in the hall.
Hall Lounge
The central hall’s smallest part offers a comfortable nook, lighted by a window with a view of Venice’s roofs, the neighbourhood’s terraces and the church San Giorgio dei Greci’s Campanile and with its domed cupola.

A large antique bookcase stands next to the two-person sofa.

A corner wardrobe and dessert trolley, as well as an inlaid game table and two chairs, creates a very welcoming space.

Separate Toilet Room

A door opens at the end of this lounge with a water closet that counts as one of the bathrooms.

A little window lights the room that also offers a little sink.

Dining Room

Dining Room.
Dining Room
A spacious room (37 sq. M) including on one side the dining room and on the other, a large lounge covers the entire length of the house facade and has a view of the canal.

The dining area, with the view on the Greci church’s campanile and the Greci Bridge, is furnished with two antique tables.

The Dining Room and the Big Lounge.
Dining Room Lounge
A round table occupies one corner and the other table, rectangular, stands in the middle of the beautiful dining room.

An antique sideboard is waiting for you, filled with quality tableware, above and beyond typical rental flat standards.

Six antique padded chairs and a pretty rattan chaise longue complete the furnishings.

Greci Capanile.
Greci Capanile
The dining area floor is “Terrazzo alla Veneziana” (made with little pieces of coloured marble).

Three large windows (double-glazed), with nice views of Venice’s roofs, light the room. From here, you also have a wonderful view on the Greci Canal, along the San Zaccaria church ancient convent.

The Big Lounge.
Big Lounge
You even have a view of the Basilica San Giovanni and Paolo’s dome, as the Greci Bridge.

And, of course, the outstanding view of San Giorgio dei Greci’s dome and Campanile.

All this in a single flat, you cannot top that!

The Big Lounge

The Big Lounge.
Big Lounge
A lounge opens in front of the dining area.

That room is also quite pleasant and bright with its three big windows (double-glazed) and a beautiful oak chevron-patterned hardwood floor.

A large and comfortable L shaped sectional sofa-bed with plenty of scatter cushions waiting for you.

The view of San Giorgio Maggiore Island.
One of the views
A lovely antique cupboard with a collection of old glasses, stands in front of the sofa.

A rattan armchair and a bookcase stand in one of the corners.

But the best is yet to come! The view from the windows is just magnificent.

The view of San Giorgio Maggiore Island.
One of the views
Out the front window, you have a bird’s-eye view of the Saint-Mark’s bay and San Giorgio Maggiore Island with its church and bell tower.

On your left, you can see the facade of the large Cappello Memmo Palace from the 15th century.

On your right, the San Zaccaria church’s ancient convent and, on top of all that, the Pietà Bridge and the Greci Canal.

The First Bedroom

The First Bedroom.
1st Bedroom
The first bedroom is bright with two big windows (double-glazed) offering a view of the Palazzo Cappello Memmo’s gardens and the Greci Canal is on the left side of the hall.

Its floor is “Terrazzo alla Veneziana” (made with little pieces of coloured marble) and the room takes advantage of the hall central air conditioning, standing just in front of the bedrooms.

The sleeping area offers two comfortable twin beds, each of them with a box spring (1.9 x 0.8 metres).

An antique wardrobe will let you put away all your clothes. A small desk, a little radio and three chairs complete the furnishing.

The Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom.
2nd Bedroom
A second bedroom is also on the left-hand side of the hall, just past the first bedroom.

An oak chevron-patterned hardwood floor brings warmth to this room.

The room takes advantage of the hall central air conditioning.

La Seconde Bedroom.
2e Bedroom
It is a very bright bedroom and its window (double-glazed) offers a view of the Palazzo Cappello Memmo’s gardens and the Greci Canal.

A one-person bed stands at a corner. The bedding is comfortable and of quality. Dimensions are usual: 1.9 x 0.8 metres.

A little rattan bookcase and two chairs complete the furnishing.

The Third Bedroom

The Third Bedroom.
3rd Bedroom
A third large bedroom (nearly 15 sq. M) opens near the preceding bedroom.

It is also a very bright room with two big windows (double-glazed) that looks onto the Palazzo Cappello Memmo’s gardens and the Greci Canal.

The Third Bedroom.
3rd Bedroom
A little bonus, if you lean out of the window, you will be able to see the top of Saint-Mark’s Campanile, just on the side of the San Zaccaria church’s dome.

The bedding offers a comfortable king-size bed (1.9 x 1.75 metres) made of two mattresses and two box-springs pushed together.

The Third Bedroom.
3rd Bedroom
An oak chevron-patterned wooden floor gives warmth to this room that also takes advantage of the hall central air conditioning.

An antique wardrobe gives you a place to store your clothing.

A superb antique inlaid chest of drawers, surrounded by two low-backed armchairs, is in front of the bed.

A chair and a little round table complete the furnishing of the third bedroom.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen.
A nice and big kitchen (13 sq. M) opens in the centre of the flat.

Its floor is “Terrazzo alla Veneziana” (made with little pieces of coloured marble) and the room is air-conditioned.

Its two windows (double-glazed) look on the Venice’s roofs and the San Giorgio dei Greci church’s dome and campanile.

The Kitchen.
A large table, surrounded by six chairs, will give you room to have a leisurely breakfast, or even your meals. But for that, the adjacent dining room is better!

The big and old chimney hood has been transformed into a storage place, which gives a unique character to this kitchen.

Many attractive decorations, including an antique clock, give this room a lot of charm.

For cooking, the stove has gas burners and an electric oven to help you to prepare your most delicious recipes.

A fridge with a large separate freezer compartment and a dishwasher complete the large appliances.

There are multiple place-settings of both high quality tableware and utensils.

A complete list of the kitchen and flat amenities is here

The Bathroom

The Bathroom.
The bathroom is brightly lit by a big window (double-glazed) offering a beautiful view of San Giorgio dei Greci church’s Campanile and dome.

Everything to help you get dressed while admiring the beauty of the Venetian architecture.

The bathroom amenities include toilet, a bidet, a bathtub and a washbasin.

The view on the bridge, the canal and the Greci church's Campanile.
Greci's Campanile
A big mirror sits on top of the washbasin and with little storage cubbies for your lipstick, perfume bottles, and other beauty products.

The bathtub is a good size: 1.52 x 0.58 metres.

The Laundry

A laundry (5.5sq. M) is located between the kitchen and the bathroom. The room is lit by a big window (double-glazed) with a view on the Greci church’s campanile.

A large ceramic laundry sink is available if you prefer to hand-wash like in olden times, but is also to soak linens and other delicate fabrics. The laundry also has a washing machine.

The Location in Venice – Map

Greci View flat is very well located in Venice, in the district of Castello, between the big and beautiful Campo (place) of the Bragora and Saint-Mark’s Square.

This part of the Castello in Venice has also remained authentically Venetian as well as charming and romantic.


As the majority of the people living here are resident Venetians, you will have no problem food shopping, including excellent fresh pasta from the Salizada dei Greci, only a two-minute walk from the flat, where you will be able to buy, in our opinion, the best ravioli in Venice.

And there are also several gifts shops nearby!

See and Do

Orthodox Church and Campanile of San Giorgio dei Greci: 2 minutes on foot
Byzantine Icons museum: 2 minutes
Riva degli Schiavoni and Saint-Mark’s Bay: 2 minutes
Pietà church and the Vivaldi’s museum: 2 minutes
Scuola San Giorgio dei Schiavoni museum with Carpaccio painting: 3 minutes
San Zaccaria church: 4 minutes
San Giovanni in Bragora church (where Antonio Vivaldi was baptised: 4 minutes
Church and Campanile of San Francesco de la Vigna: 5 minutes
Bridge of Sighs: 5 minutes
Church, Square and Campanile of Santa Maria Formosa: 5 minutes
Doge's Palace: 6 minutes
Piazzetta San Marco’s columns: 6 minutes
Arsenal Lions Sculptures: 6 minutes
Venice Naval Museum: 6 minutes
San Giovanni e Paolo Basilica : 6 minutes
Saint-Mark’s Square: 7 minutes
Saint-Mark’s Basilica: 7 minutes
Saint-Mark’s Campanile: 7 minutes
The Biennale of Venice Exhibitions: 9 minutes
Rialto Bridge and Fish Market: 13 minutes

Useful – Water bus Lines

San Zaccaria Pier Station (3 minutes on foot): Lines 5.1, 5.2, 4.1, 4.2, 15, 2, 20
From the train station or Piazzale Roma: 25 to 35 minutes in water bus depending on the lines
To go to the Lido Island and beach: 10 to 15 minutes in water bus depending on the lines

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