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Here are our best addresses of hotels in the sestiere of Castello (stars give you an order of idea of comfort):

Hotel Scandinavia Venice

Hotel Scandinavia Venice italy
Hotel Scandinavia Venice
With its 33 rooms, the hotel Scandinavia in Venice is one of the first cheap choices to reserve a hotel room in the quarter of Castello.

It does not mean therefore that benefits will not be as high as the pricier hotels but rather the difference, at this level, will be played more on the size of the rooms than on the quality of the hotel itself.

Moreover, the Hotel Scandinavia is located in a very romantic and completely central quarter of Venice, without the disadvantages of the crowd.

Hotel Scandinavia Venice - Rates and Availability

Hotel Ca Formenta Venice Italy

Hotel Ca Formenta Venice Italy
Hotel Ca Formenta Venice
The Hotel Ca Formenta in Venice Italy is a small charming hotel of 14 rooms only.

The location is a little more outlying in the quarter but still in a lovely part of Castello.

It is nevertheless extremely easy to reach Saint-Mark’s from the hotel Ca ' Formenta by going for a walk simply along the quay of Schiavoni: impossible to get lost!

The quarter where the hotel Ca Formenta Venice is located is a nice and rather calm place, close to the Arsenal and its labyrinth of romantic and delightful little calli.

Hotel Ca Formenta Venice Italy - Rates and Availability

Casa Verardo Hotel Venice Italy

Casa Verardo Hotel Venice Italy
Casa Verardo Hotel Venice
At the Casa Verardo Hotel in Venice, you will be very well lodged! 25 rooms, nice decoration and furniture with high ceilings and spacious rooms.

This is due to the architecture of period, given that you are in the ancient Venetian palace of the 16th century here.

The incredibly romantic location of the hotel is also ideal, less three hundred meters of the Piazza San Marco. That one they like it particularly well!

Casa Verardo Hotel Venice - Rates and Availability

Hotel Londra Palace Venice

Hotel Londra Palace Venice Italy
Hotel Londra Palace Venice
The Hotel Londra Palace in Venice consists of 53 rooms.

We shall not say that it is completely worth its prices.

Why then do we keep it in our good addresses? Answer is the view, splendid for the majority of the rooms, facing the island of San Giorgio.

While numerous Venetian hotels have a view consisting of the wall of the neighboring building, this luxury also deserves a price from time to time.

Our opinion is if budget is no issue, if you have means for it, enjoy it! Here everything sells! So, staying at the Hotel Italy Londra Palace in Venice can only be very pleasant!

Hotel Londra Palace Venice - Rates and Availability

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